Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weldon sounds desperate

Curt Weldon is still claiming the current scandal is politically motivated, and questioned the timing of this morning's FBI raid on his daughter's home, the same daughter that he accused of helping to get a lobbying position by leveraging his influence in Washington. Weldon said today that the raid came in response to an allegation by the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

OK, suppose that the Congressman is right. The FBI (a branch of Alberto Gonzalez' Justice Department-- no use looking for Democrats there) doesn't just go storming into the home of a family member of a Congressman based on a flimsy, unfounded allegation as the Congressman is suggesting. They are professionals who know enough to understand that probable cause is needed to obtain a warrant. And just an unfounded allegation is not probable cause.

Hence the FBI considers that there is something there. Maybe they found it-- we probably won't know that until after the election, because the FBI works at its own pace.

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Karen said...

The rethugs are all goin' to hell (no surprise here)! :+)