Saturday, October 14, 2006

Curt Weldon investigated by FBI

Hoo, boy.

I just get done posting one story on a corrupt Republican congressman and I check the news and another one comes right up. And it's a name that some people may recognize.

FBI probes Curt Weldon.

WASHINGTON - The FBI is investigating whether Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., used his influence to secure lobbying and consulting contracts for his daughter, two people familiar with the inquiry said Saturday.

We will see where the investigation leads. Of course some Republicans will claim that the Democrats are behind it. I guess they pretty much have to say that because they can say nothing else, leading up to the election. But the last time I checked, the FBI was a branch of the Justice Department, which is part of the executive branch, which is headed by President Bush. So to claim that Democrats are behind this one would be quite a stretch.

Of course it was Weldon who last year told the New York Times that Clinton official Jamie Gorelick had in September had prevented the FBI and the CIA from sharing information about terrorists, including Mohammed Atta. This was immediately seized upon by the right. They of course conveniently forgot that even if everything Congressman Weldon said was true (ignoring his partisan motivation) then said policy existed for four months of the Clinton administration and eight months of the Bush administration (which John Ashcroft could have reversed with the stroke of a pen), but hey, it was a chance to bash Bill Clinton so the right was quick to the feeding trough.

That policy has of course been reversed since 9/11. So I guess we can presume that whatever the FBI has learned about Curt Weldon, the CIA has access to it.

UPDATE (Monday): The FBI this morning raided the home of Weldon's daughter.

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