Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keep on working hard, you know they're desperate when they stoop this low.

It looks like some Republicans are starting to become unglued. I just received information that this past Friday, vandals targetted the Democratic Party's Headquarters in Tucson. Police haven't made any arrests yet, but the investigation is ongoing. The vandalism was clearly designed to interfere with campaign activities, as for example phone lines used for canvassing voters were cut and this has pointed suspicion directly at someone who wants the Democrats to fail.

This sort of thing is inexcusable no matter who is doing it, or who they are doing it to (for example, I also condemned at the time the tire slashing of some vehicles at a GOP headquarters in Wisconsin on election day of 2004 which delayed giving some voters rides to the polls.)

However, this also seems like a desperate act. With the Republicans nominating an extremist with high negatives who is now down 10% in the race for the (currently Republican) open Congressional seat in southern Arizona, it seems they are starting to resort to dirty, dangerous and illegal tactics.


Anonymous said...

The races for the two CD's which serve Tucson seem pretty uncompetitive now, with David Duke's candidate winning the nomination in AZ-08 and all. While it's a sleazy tactic I don't think this would have much impact on those races.

However, is Pederson relying much on the state party apparatus for his bid? Recent polling shows that race to be about as close as the AZ-08 race, after all, and Pederson would presumably want as much support from the Tucson area as possible to offset Kyl's support from the Republican bastions in and around Phoenix.

Tom & Icy said...

It worries me when I hear of so much violence in all parts of our life. Political and religious violence is especially upsetting. That kind can spread like wildfire.

Chuck said...

Shades of 2004. That stuff was going on all over this nation then. I barely remember, but there was a guy in West Virginia (a bush lover) posing as a Kerry supporter and involving his children in a lot of vandalism/violence at campaign rallys and at a Dem HQ.

The bumper sticker wars are still going on here- fingers, cussing, cut-offs on the highways and confrontations at the mall- ALL REPUBLICAN GENERATED IN MY EXPERIENCES.

Anonymous said...

The whole party is corrupt from top to bottom - the list of examples is ENDLESS!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the AZ Dems haven't exactly been honorable this election year either. Those push polls and mailers they distributed before the primary was out of line. And those bogus "conservative" organizations they used to fund it all? Both parties engage in corruption.