Monday, May 21, 2012

The New England Patriots draft Chaucer to play wide receiver

The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer

“’Well, I’ve a mind to go with you,’ said Harry Bailey. ‘But I know that ride. It’s a long time to sit in a hard saddle. Let’s liven up the journey with a competition. Each of us can tell a story, and whoever tells the best will get a free dinner on the way back. The rest of us will foot the bill.’““The Canterbury Tales” is a collection of short stories told by a group of people on a pilgrimage in the 13th century. They kept each other entertained. These stories were recorded by one of the pilgrims, Geoffrey Chaucer. Each of the stories are different and all have their own morals. These stories can help us understand what the middle-ages were like.

In conclusion, I thought that “The Canterbury Tales” was a very good book. My favorite story was “A Barrel of Laughs”. I liked it because it was not a story that I would expect from the middle-ages. It was a very funny story and I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend this book to all of my classmates.
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