Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chris Shays tries to steal anti-war slogan, not realizing the irony.

Chris Shays, attempting to excuse Dennis Hastert's fumbling response to the congressional page scandal, brought up Chappaquiddick and said that in the page scandal, 'at least no one died.'

And yes, he is right that one person did die as a result of Ted Kennedy's drunk driving binge in 1969.

However for Shays, who supported the Iraq war from the beginning, and is now questioning it only because he is facing a tough re-election fight against an anti-war Democrat, to use this phrase is the height of irony.

I wonder how many times he has seen the now ubiquitous anti-Iraq war slogan, 'when Clinton lied, no one died?' a reference to the Downing Street memo and reports of cooked intelligence before the war.

No wonder Chris Shays is behind in the polls.

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