Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lofty Donkey DID get a scoop.

OK, I've been proven wrong.

And I will admit it. (Happily, I will admit it). A couple of days ago I put up a post in which I suggested that due caution and diligence be excercised on a story about a rumor swirling around a congressman (who I declined to name in the post.)

Well, I will now name him. He is the Congressman who pretends to represent me here (though he actually resides in Burke, Virginia, over 2000 miles from here), none other than Rick Renzi.

And I will give credit to the blogger who first broke the story (though the specifics have not been verified but the central fact seems to have been): The original story that started the 'rumor' (which is now turning out to be true) was on Lofty Donkey. The link is directly to the story itself.

One article that confirms that Rick Renzi is in fact under investigation by the FBI and the Justice Dept. is this one:

New York Times and another is

Washington Post.

In fact, what is interesting is that the stories deal with two different Renzi scandals, one that he steered millions of dollars in Federal contracts to family members (his father in particular) and the other the shady land deal that helped him get elected to Congress in the first place (which I posted on here.

I do believe that the criminal justice system operates at its own pace and whether these investigations are concluded before or after the elections is a matter of how long they need to do their jobs. However, clearly something is brewing and the best bit of news for Renzi is that he has been involved in so many scandals by now that it may take until after the election just to pour through them all.

UPDATE: Tedski at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion is reporting that Renzi has hired former Attorney General Grant Woods as his defense lawyer. And a former A.G. doesn't come cheap, I guarantee you, but Renzi must feel he will need the best legal defense he can buy.

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All the lawyers in the world won't keep me from burning his ass!