Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just one question

I've tried to avoid commenting on the current Michael J. Fox/Rush Limbaugh controversy here (though I've said quite a bit about it on some other blogs), but I have exactly one question for opponents of embryonic stem cell research:

Opponents say they oppose it because it 'destroys human life.'

However, since the embryos used are those which have been stored by infertile couples that they don't want anymore, if they are not used in research they are 'discarded' (which typically means they are either incinerated or throw into a waste dump with other medical waste-- pretty much like any other dump.) There they either die of exposure or get eaten by cockroaches which exist in the dump.

If you consider that using an embryo in research aimed at curing diseases is 'destroying human life,' then how is this NOT 'destroying human life?'

So it is now more 'moral' to feed human flesh to cockroaches than it is to use it to try and learn ways to cure terrible diseases?

I just don't get it. If you are honestly opposed to stem cell research then clue me in, on how you avoid this massive hole in your line of reasoning.


Anonymous said...

Their thinking is like the movie, "The Boys From Brazil" where they had saved cells from Hitler and then cloned them to make a lot of little Hitlers. Or worse, they might unthaw Disney and clone him!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should be thaw Disney, not unthaw. Lammy made me do it.

Anonymous said...

If they allow embryonic stem cell research then they might start making embryos just so they can destroy them for research.

You are right about one thing, they kill them anyway, but two wrongs doesn't make a right. Maybe we should make the labs store them permanently so we don't kill a human being. Sooner or later the labs will develop an artificial incubator or something so they can be born.

Besides the debate right now isn't about banning embryonic stem cell research. It is about Federal funding for it. People can still conduct this kind of research as long as they pay for it themselves, or raise the money from somebody who can.

Anonymous said...

Well the argument made by many of these idiots is as follows:

Stem Cell Research will increase abortions, possibly making people sell their stem cells

On the other hand, they claim stem cell research on emryos shows NO PROMISE and they know this because if it showed promise private firms would be circling to try to profit. Theya rgue that this is the test of any research viability.

Which is it, I wonder? Is it because they dont think investment in stem cell research shows promise, or is it because they think it will increase abortions? I did post on this, not to jump on the bandwagon but to talk about the insanity of the arguments made by people like Limpbaugh.