Friday, August 12, 2005

Would the 'party of morality' excuse a murderer, if the price is right?

By the way, kudos to DNC research for this story.

Tonight, Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff is in a Los Angeles county jail after being indicted on five counts of fraud relating to their purchase of SunCruz, a fleet of gambling ships in Florida in September 2000.

Abramoff, a Bush pioneer who raised over $100,000 for the Bush 2004 re-election campaign and thousands more for Republican candidates for Congress and other offices, and who is being separately investigated in a case in which he defrauded Indian tribes of millions of dollars which ended up in the campaign coffers of Tom DeLay and other Republican congressmen, and partner Adam Kidan, bought SunCruz for $147 million from founder Gus Boulis. Amid bitter legal fighting over the sale, Boulis was shot to death five months later in 2001 what police called a hit.

That case has not been solved but police are now questioning Abramoff and Kidan in connection to the murder.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Republican Congressman Bob Ney of Ohio, on March 30, 2000, put pressure on Boulis to sell by entering a statement into the Congressional Record attacking Mr. Boulis and in support of Abramoff, who raised thousands of dollars for the Congressman. Why would a congressman from Ohio go so far as to use his official power to pressure a participant in a private business deal in Florida? Was it the money? If in fact Abramoff and Kidan are tied to the murder of Gus Boulis, will the Republicans in Congress who have received money from him, and President Bush, return the money as tainted? They haven't said they would yet, with the indictments out today against Mr. Abramoff and Mr. Kidan (who the police are still looking for as of this writing?)


Anonymous said...

What us Big Oil..Big tobacco?? is that the same as a Big Mac? Where do you people come up with all these "Big names", for companies that employe so many people? I am trying to figure out if you are a socialist or you just plain hate America and Americans..What has America or Americans ever done to you to make you so anti everything? Aren't you and your loved ones benefiting from American know how, American medicine, American technology etc? It must be so terrible to be you, I mean to have to go through life with such bitterness in your soul..I would say God Bless you anyway, but I don't want the ACLU on my ass..the same ACLU you people support.. oh, the hell with it. God Bless you anyway!!

Chuck said...

Well, hunnnh.

The god fearin', bush lovin', blindly accepting, ill informed, anonymous 'MuriKan has spoken.

From the correct side of the division:

Excellent post as usual, Eli!

Eli Blake said...


Surely you don't want me to believe that you are so dense that you don't know what 'big oil' is? Hint: It ain't your corner gas station owner, but it might be what Mr. Cheney was when he was the President and CEO of Halliburton.

And sure they employ a lot of people. So did the Soviet Union, and it was evil too. Is that your defense, they employ people so therefore don't complain about the evil they do?

In fact, I love America, and I posted on it during one of my very early posts when I started this blog.

What I hate is the evil that is being done to it, by the leaders we have now. Evil to our people, evil to our economy, evil to our soldiers, evil to our standing as a nation, and evil to the land itself.