Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just a short question

I have had reason to post this on a number of blogs recently, but I just have one question:

The 'intelligent design' hypothesis claims that the world is such a wonderfully complex and diverse place, with such a clockwork perfect interaction between the planet and the organisms on it, that such a beautifully synchronized system could not have come about without an intelligent creator.

Now, I see the beauty and perfection which they see, and I personally agree with proponents of intelligent design that there must have been such a creator, and in fact I believe that the creator is God (although I don't consider my or anyone else's belief to be the same thing as science, as I described on August 3).

I do however have one simple question for people who support 'intelligent design:'

Why aren't more people who see an intelligent designer's hand in the world, environmentalists? What would the 'intelligent designer' think of people who insist that the creator does indeed exist, but then spend a great deal of time and effort making it easier for themselves and others to damage, pollute and destroy what has been created?

Just a simple question, but it is asked in all sincerity, and I would like an answer to it.


shrimplate said...

Thanks. I had kinda thought of that myself, but now it will become a routine question that I put to ID people everywhere.

They probably already have an answer, derived from some biblical thing about the earth and all its creatures being for man's dominion.

But I still don't see that as god giving humankind permission to turn the world into a giant PCB dump. And that kinds spoils the non-religious mask people try to put on ID, too.

Barry Commoner said "Pollution is profit." There's your "intelligent design."

Chuck said...

Apparently it doesn't take intelligence to support intelligent design.

And now I'll go off the deep end-

After all, remember that the bible is from a time of little technology (nothing the 21st century would consider technology) with contributors who wore flowing robes and sandals, basically living in fear of a supreme and omnipotent being. This was passed down through the generations. Fear and faith go hand in hand. Where did the term "God strike me dead" come from?

Was immaculate conception an external in-vitro fertilization?

Did Ezekiel record the landing of a spaceship in "understandable" terms of the day?

Would our technology appear as magic or god-like to a cro-magnon?

I'm just asking...and anyway, this planet will be flourishing long after humanity has had it's "three seconds" as the dominant species.