Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Baghdad gasoline mambo

With gasoline in the United States now (depending on where you live) anywhere from way over $2.00 to just a bit over $3.00 a gallon, many Americans are feeling the pinch.

Added to that, the fact that we as taxpayers have been asked to spend billions of dollars building schools, roads and hospitals in Iraq, even as the schools in our own communities are always underfunded, roads are crumbling, and hospitals (like the one closest to me, which would be in Holbrook Arizona) are closed.

Under these circumstances, at least one would hope that the Iraqi government, our supposed 'partners' in the process, would chip in a few bucks when they have it.

Well, not exactly. After benefitting from the largesse of the American taxpayer (even to the extent of our people driving around Baghdad in a pickup truck handing out wads of cash), they have chosen to spend their money (now swollen by the high price of oil) to subsidize five cents per gallon gas!!

Yet, we still have to pay through the snoot! You'd think that if they were that flush with money, they could afford to take some of the burden for building what is, after all, their country off of us. But Noooo. They would rather spend it to create nickel a gallon gas. Not even sure why. I guess so the next suicide car bomber can spend about a dollar to make sure his tank is full and he gets that extra 'pop' when he detonates his car full of explosives next to a convoy full of American soldiers.

Anyone who is not outraged by this, is truly blind and deaf.

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