Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hugo Chavez offers to help lower fuel prices in the United States.

Pat Robertson's favorite foreign leader is now offering a hand in friendship to the United States, especially poor people here.

Hugo Chavez, the outspoken President of Venezuela who has now won three elections in the last seven years to become and remain President, is offering to sell cheap gas in communities in the United States where there are a lot of poor people. According to Chavez plan, he would take out the middlemen (mostly oil companies) and sell oil at or near the price that people pay in Venezuela (about 20 cents per gallon) plus shipping prices and a small profit, and sell it to the communites where a lot of poor people live. Considering the comments this weekend, this is an unexpected olive branch. We should jump at the offer. Just today, I paid $2.79 9/10 for regular unleaded gasoline.

Of course the administration will turn this down, not only because they don't like Chavez, but because a plan like this would cut into the profits of big oil (and look who we have for both President and Vice President).

But it is obvious that Hugo Chavez cares much more for people than does Reverend Pat.


Chuck said...

What an offer & yep, you're right. It'll never happen.

jen said...

hi eli, i like hugo. wish it could happen. any friend of the poor is an enemy of bushco i guess...

randommiscelaneousgoobedlygook6578398 said...

Last time I checked (this week actually) Venezuela was paying about 47 cents per gallon, and rising.

I looked it up to disprove my neo-con history teacher who was telling the class that if only we could rid ourselves of environmentalists, the Bush administration would be free to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (Which I also found out would take 7-12 years to develop and then only supply the US oil for 277 days max) and then we would pay the 11 cents per gallon that they pay(which they don't).

Where did you get your numbers? Maybe mine are old.