Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NOW they like the speech.

This is almost too funny for words.

After jumping all over President Obama's speech last week and doing everything they could to encourage kids to not see it (and with at least some success too) the right is suddenly doing everything they can to get kids to at least read it.

Unlike the Marxist indoctrination they all thought he was going to give, he gave a speech that frankly hits some pretty conservative values. He talked about studying hard. He talked about staying in school. He talked about his own and his wife's experiences and how they learned to keep moving forward and never quit. He talked about listening to parents and teachers. He said that no matter what one's personal circumstances were, that was not an excuse for not trying. He finished with "God bless you, and God bless America."

So now that they got millions of kids to not watch the President, how is the right reacting? Well, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that every child should read the speech. Here in Arizona, superintendent of instruction Tom Horne, who just last week urged kids to boycott the speech, claiming it would be 'messianic' in tone, is now saying that he liked the speech.

So now that the opportunity is over, they want kids to go back and see the speech they wanted them to miss earlier.

Well, just like the right always is. Always a day late and a dollar short.


sandyh said...

It's really getting harder all the time for Republican party "intellectuals" to identify with their lunatic base.

Now they have this nit wit South Carolinian congressmen taking away any credibility they still had left at a super serious, joint session of Congress.

The showdown at the O.K. corral over health care reform ended up with the GOP shooting themselves in the foot...with maybe the biggest audience since election night watching.

How much more of this pre-school stuff do they think Soccer Moms are going to tolerate?

From the way Republicans are acting, you wouldn't think that the Bush economy imploded last year with millions left either unemployed or losing a third of their retirement savings...and their health care coverage save a COBRA extension in the stimulus bill.

But it's all fun and games when your a Republican congressman or senior citizen with government-run, public health care coverage.

It defies the imagination.

Eli Blake said...

I think we should write down and document every time an elected Republican says on the record that he questions President Obama's birth certificate.

Then ask them about it during a debate.

Sort of like the 'do you believe in the Theory of Evolution' question, but on steroids.

shrimplate said...

I think we also have to disabuse Middle America of the notion that their values are truly American, because they aren't any more.

The people who sent money to Joe Wilson because he yelled at the president aren't patriotic; they're just plain nutz. With a "z."