Friday, September 04, 2009

Far right leaves all sanity behind over President's school webcast

President Obama, entering his first new school year, has decided to greet the kids returning to schools with a webcast.

This is hardly something new, and President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush did essentially the same thing, except that the internet had not been developed yet so they used television. Their broadcasts to the kiddies went off with relatively little controversy (mostly about how it might impact school schedules to accomodate the broadcast.)

But right-wing nut radio (the same folks who have gotten even GOP members of Congress so scared that they have to publically profess doubts about whether Obama was even born in Hawaii to avoid being run out of town by their Kool-aid guzzling 'base') has jumped all over it and is claiming that Obama is either overtly or subliminally planning to brainwash and indoctrinate their kids during the webcast, which is likely to run for only a few minutes.

School districts have been deluged with calls from talk radio listeners who have threatened to keep their kids home from school and several cowardly school districts around the nation have even decided not to carry the webcast at all.

I wonder how many parents who actually do make good on their threat to keep their kids home to protect them from the few deadly minutes of Presidential webcast will make darn good and sure they aren't indoctrinated by forcing them to listen to a whole day of Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

And what is the President going to say that is so horrible?

Well, we don't know yet although the White House plans to release the text of the webcast a day in advance. However I'm willing to go on record that he's not going to be quoting from the "Karl Marx Reader."

My best guess is that he will say some even more controversial things, stuff that will really give the right fits:

* Work hard.
* Stay in school.
* Don't do drugs.
* Listen to your parents.

If nothing else, I hope that it gives school administrators who have canceled it fits-- when they realize how stupid they look over it.


The Proud Moderate-Centrist said...

I'm just envisioning the scene when the right dinger's kids get home from school.

Parent: "Now kids. Don't listen to anything Obama asks of you. Do just the opposite."

Kids: "You mean we don't have to go to school and work hard like he says? We can just stay home and become an ignorant jack-off like you daddy?"

Eli Blake said...


And presumably add, "except I guess I will have to go outside at least once a day to buy some dope."

sandyh said...

These bigots can't face the fact that a black man is in a position where white kids might look up to him as a role model.

They have always told themselves that their crumby station in life was at least better than "those n..." But there is now visible proof that it isn't so. And could it be that they are responsible for their own situation?

How did this serious black guy with a funny name who came from a broken home and worked himself off the streets and drugs go all the way through college with honors, pay off his student loans, become a top lawyer, college professor, and author; work with others to draft important legislation, and win a presidential election in a landslide? He's just a n....

Why could he do it when he was supposed to be inferior? He must have gotten special treatment because he's a minority, right? Or maybe he just tried harder when they didn't think it was so important?

Is this the question they don't want their kids to ask themselves? Are they hoping that out of sight out of mind will protect them from their own prejudices? Of course.

But we all know that kids being kids, these white children will be even more curious about what this black president has to say...just because their parents don't want them to know.

It's Catch 22 time for the White Supremacists. Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, and all the rest of them have to face their own inadequacies and they don't like it one bit. Tough.

Eli Blake said...

This is even funnier.

After trying to get as many kids as possible to not watch the speech, now the right is tripping over themselves encouraging kids to read it.

I love it.