Thursday, January 25, 2007

Note to self: Get the whole story before editorializing on it.

I guess I should take some of my own medicine about wildly speculating.

I did a post yesterday after reading about how the Arizona House was evacuated following a bomb scare. I duly linked to a post on Ted's blog, Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. But I then did something that Ted wisely didn't do and went on a diatribe against the 'fascist right.' Turns out (and I will cut and paste what Ted said today on his blog)

Here's the story as told to me (Ted) by Barrett Marson, spokesman for the House Speaker: suspicious packages were sent to four members, Eddie Farnsworth, Adam Driggs, Ben Miranda and Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema, understandably spooked by the numerous threatening e-mails she's recieved over a bill she's sponsoring that labels groups like the Minutemen domestic terrorists, called the Capitol Police. Miranda, who has not signed on to the bill, also contacted the Capitol Police after recieving a package.

The packages, as it turned out, were pages and pages of court documents from a self-styled "sovereign citizen" in Casa Grande who is out to prove that the State of Arizona has no legal authority over him. The four members may have been chosen because they are all part of the House Judiciary Committee.

So I considered deleting the previous post, but I'm not. And I will say that while I jumped the gun on the diatribe, there have been some recent stories (such as when I blogged on talk show host Hal Turner's suggestion to assassinate members of Congress who voted for immigration reform) that made my assumption, while wrong, not wacky.

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