Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arizona House evacuated after suspicious package sent to legislator.

The Arizona House of Representatives has been evacuated following the discovery of two suspicious packages.

According to Tedski at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, the packages were sent to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Phoenix). Sinema has sponsored legislation aimed at some of the kooks who try to harrass and intimidate immigrants and pro-immigration activists.

This is the kind of stuff we've unfortunately gotten to see from the far right in Arizona. Recall that last year following the immigrant marches in Phoenix, vandals knocked a spanish language radio station off the air.

In our democracy it is legal to speak out, even vigorously against ideas, people, or even whole populations of people you don't like (so that for example, as odious as their thoughts are, Holocaust deniers are allowed to peddle their particular brand of filth in America much more easily than they are, for example, in Europe-- and I even defended one last year.) But committing acts of violence, physical or verbal harrassment and intimidation are over the line.

But given that it is clear by now that only a minority support the hardline stance on immigration (if you don't believe it, just ask Randy Graf and J.D. Hayworth), it appears that these modern day fascists are now adopting fascist tactics. If you are in the minority you have two choices-- you can accept that the people have spoken and move on, or you can plead your case and try to convince a majority that you are right. But violence, threats of violence and terror tactics are not acceptable in the United States.

And we must all stand against it.

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