Monday, October 17, 2005

The Iraqi election.

Today, the new Iraqi constitution became official, being ratified by a vote of the people there.

Now, whatever problems I may have with it and the direction that it takes Iraq, and I have blogged about them in the past, this is nevertheless a good day.

It is a good day because with any luck, it will get us closer to getting the heck out of there.

I don't even have a problem if the Bush administration declares it to mean that victory has been attained in order to get us out, so long as we get out, and today is not soon enough. Over 1900 American troops have lost their lives in what is ultimately a futile war against Muslim religious fanatics.

If the President finds a way to use this in order to get us the heck out of there, I will be only too happy to congratulate him.

But, I doubt if he will. But hope springs eternal.


dorsano said...

My understanding is that rejection of the constitution requires a NO by 2/3 of "registered" voters

that acceptance is implied unless specifically rejected as above

and acceptance can be explicitly achieved with 1/2 of those actually voting casting a YES vote.

Anyone wanna place any bets that Iraq won't have a new constitution? :)

BibleBelted said...

Hey Daniel! Small Universe! Brandon here! What worries me the most about this situation is the possibility that Iraq, or at least a part of Iraq will fall under the control of Iran. I also have concerns about how the new government will treat women. Regretably few people know what the Bush Administration has in mind. One day they talk abotu finding ways to get out quickly; another time they talk about a prolonged stay. Don't ask the Bush ADministration because Bush doesn't even know.

BibleBelted said...

Or should I say as quickly as possible--all things being relative when talking about the present regime?