Saturday, October 22, 2005

Allan Affeldt for Mayor of Winslow, AZ

I have blogged occasionally on more local issues. I have even blogged in support (or rather more in opposition) to one of the mayoral candidates in New York.

However, if anyone who resides in Winslow (which I technically do not, but go to every day for work, and often go to with or without my family to go shopping, etc.) is reading this, I would like to comment on the local mayoral and city council recalls.

In the mayoral recall, I support Allan Affeldt. Hands down. I know Allan, and he has not only done a great deal to revitalize the community in Winslow, but he is a very progressive, concerned individual of the type we need more of in elected office. Allan also has the vitality to move Winslow forward while preserving the fundamental nature of the community. Jim Boles has been mayor for eleven years. During that time, he has worked deals under the table and behind closed doors (for example, in the case of the WalMart supercenter, the issue isn't whether it will be built or not-- when it was put on the ballot a majority of the citizenry supported it-- but the fact that even though a lot of people on the street knew it was coming years ago, it was denied at the highest levels until it was no longer possible to deny it.) He got rid of the fire truck that could reach a two story fire without leasing a replacement, and again without telling anyone, so that when a couple of two story buildings burned (including the one with the 'corner' mural) all the fire department could do was to watch it burn.

Also, while Mr. Boles is (like Allan Affelt) a registered Democrat, one gets the feeling it is not from conviction, but simply because Winslow is a Democratic town. Mr. Boles has endorsed and helped raise funds Jake Flake and Rick Renzi, so in his case party registration is clearly just a matter of convenience. And that is a lot like Mr. Boles. He is not a man driven by principal, but by a man driven by, well, Jim Boles. I even know people who have had him over to their house who have told me the same thing. I know Allan to be a man of personal integrity and guided by principle, and in his case, principles which I share.

In the council race, I support maintaining Judy Howell over Stephanie Lugo. I don't know much about Ms. Lugo, but I can tell you that what has been out of the open over the past few years has largely been due to Judy Howell. She is often on the losing end of 6-1 votes in the council, but hers is a voice that needs to be there. I have had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Howell. She is a woman of strong opinions, and we don't always agree about everything, but I don't doubt her sincerity. Hopefully Winslow will soon have a mayor who has an open door policy and we won't need a 'bomb-thrower' on the city council. But until that day occurs, Ms. Howell needs to remain, if for no other reason, than to stir the pot enough to bring the gunk on the bottom up for a periodic airing.

You can read the opening statements made by the candidates at the candidates' forum the other night right here. The rest of their answers will be published on Oct. 26.

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