Thursday, October 06, 2005

Glad to be part of a good team

I feel blessed to join a good team of bloggers over at Night Bird's Fountain together with Lizzy, NyGreg, Dorsano, Mack and Barbi.

I plan to still keep grinding out Deep Thought as well. One thing I will say for the Bush administration and the rest of the Republicans in Washington. They give me new material to blog about almost every day.

I have to go to Tucson tomorrow for work (about a five hour drive) so I won't be on again until Saturday. And I'm sure that by then, something new will have popped up to blog about.


Chuck said...

Yeah. Good deal! I was shocked to see you over there.

Always good to read your thoughts and observations wherever they are.

Keep up the GREAT work, Eli.

dorsano said...

Have a safe trip, Eli.

Lizzy's blog is turning into a great way to stay connected. I look forward to your posts there.