Friday, July 31, 2009

If they really had a case against health care reform they wouldn't have to throw spitwads like this

I'm deducing that the right doesn't have much in the way of arguments for why we shouldn't have health care reform. Sure, they have a point about the cost, but not a very good one since they had no problem with running up the deficit by at least a trillion dollars three times during the Bush administration: for the $1.3 trillion Bush tax cuts, for the Iraq war and for the medicare prescription drug 'benefit' (which actually benefits the pharmaceutical industry, but I digress.)

So having nothing else to go on, they are resorting to trying to scare people about something that isn't even in the bill.

What the bill does say as that every five years seniors are entitled to VOLUNTARILY consult with a physician about their long-term health and to go over whether they have a living will, etc.

But you wouldn't know that if you listened to conservative talk radio or watched their television ads.

They have deliberately distorted a small, voluntary and logical provision in the bill to claim that seniors will be denied health care and even up to and including forcibly euthanized.

Not that there is anything at all in this bill about even voluntary euthanasia (which is still illegal in 48 states and there is absolutely nothing in any of the various health care bills to come out of committee which changes that.) But hey, if you can't get away with just a small lie I guess they figure that a whopper is better.


eaprez said...

I'm afraid the battle for any meaningful health reform is dead. I blame Obama for lack of leadership in and the weak kneed dems as well. I'm never voting for or supporting or working to get a dem elected again. I am so disgusted with them.

Jack Hampton said...

Beth is right.

Democrats had a mandate to deliver real reform, had a President who said he'd get it done and a big majority in Congress. After the Specter switch they even had the ability to end a Republican filibuster if that's what Republicans decide to do.

And they have instead fumbled it away chasing Republican votes they aren't going to get anyway. If people didn't want health care reform then they would have elected Republicans like John McCain who supported a corporate, insurance company-favored kind of 'reform.'

Which we will get anyway. They'll pass something but it won't be real reform, and if voters decide to bring back the Republicans then at least you'll be able to get a job with health benefits in the army fighting their next war.

Eli Blake said...

I disagree.

It's true that what we get won't look like what any of us want, but I believe that we still can get a plan that includes a viable public option.

We've been hearing about how the right intends to use the August recess and into the fall as an opportunity to go on offense and try to kill reform (or at least water it down to the point where it might as well be dead.) However why can't we do the same thing? If we sit around and whine because it's not done yet then I believe that we will get what we deserve. But why can't WE go on offense? If you have a Democratic representative (which I do) make it clear to them that you support a public option and expect them to vote for one. If you have a Republican representative (like my two Senators) then let them know that you are unhappy with their opposition to reform and that they will not get your vote or your money next time.

sandyh said...

Haven't you people noticed?

All the teabaggers have been able to muster is themselves. I don't see a groundswell of support for their anti-health care protest movement. Remember the millions that came out for immigration?

A hundred or two of the usual suspects at a town hall is not national opposition.

So all we have to do is sit tight and have Rahm work on the Blue Dogs to get some sort of a public option written into law. Then we have the vote in the fall whereby not one Republican votes for change.

Those who gave us a majority will prevailed. The results will become part of everyday life in America just like Medicare and Social Security. There will be no going back. The Silent Majority will be pleased.

A year from now there will be nobody in the country denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or lose coverage when they lose their job. If the insurance industry wants to stay in the game, they will make sure people can afford their plans.

Do we get single payer? Probably not, but we have set up the system that will deliver it in the future as cost go up. Whatever public option is created will continue to attract growing numbers till everyone will wonder why we don't have single payer. And then we will.

You have to wait sometimes for the foundation to dry before the house can take shape.

We liberals must really start learning the fine art of patience.
And the RNC must learn that they are going to continue losing seats by voting against change.

Come now people, buck up. We are going to get what we want but in a different way than we thought.