Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Even dumber than selling the capitol

The GOP legislature has a new way to finance giving away a $250 million property tax cut and $400 million income tax cut, heavily weighted towards corporations and the wealthy who lobbied for these cuts.

They want to sell the state capitol and other state buildings and then rent them back.

So what is even dumber than that?

How about doing it right now, when the market for commercial real estate in Arizona is near its bottom?

Not only sell the capitol, but time it to make darn sure the state gets the lowest possible price for it.

Maybe they should consider taxing whatever they are smoking, because it's obviously pretty potent stuff.


Donna said...

Well it depends on your perspective. If you think you work for the people then selling state assets dirt cheap seems counterintuitive in the extreme. But if you work for the plutocrats it makes perfect sense.

BTW, I finally figured out the new Wordpress dealio and added you to the DemocraticDiva blogroll.

IMI said...

My only question is which one of them are planning to buy the capitol and renting it back to the state as their day job?

It'd be easier for each one of them to point out their contribution to this years budget and have taxpayers mail them their checks directly v. the theatrics.

Do you really think Az voters can learn? My observation is they still prefer electing criminals when given the choice.

To bad the AzDem party is MIA.