Friday, April 28, 2006

Spend nothing on Monday.

On Monday, thousands, maybe even millions of undocumented immigrants and their supporters will take action to demonstrate their economic impact. One proposed plan involves a one day strike, which many immigrant organizations don't support because of the question of striking when the whole principle is to recognize that these people are here wanting to work hard. A second plan, and one which is more universally supported is simply to spend no money on Monday.

I would like to put my voice behind this plan. As a supporter of immigrant rights, I also plan to spend no money on Monday.

I would like to encourage others to do the same. Make sure that you have enough gas in your car over the weekend, and in fact if you can, then try not even driving to work. Instead of eating out, bring in a sack lunch. Make sure you have what you want, or drink water, and don't even use the vending machine at work. Have dinner planned out and make sure that you have enough of everything. I intend to even not make any long distance calls or do anything else which would involve spending money, on Monday.

It's a small sacrifice (and one which may even benefit your bottom line) but of such small sacrifices great works can move forward.

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genderist said...

I'm game. Nada on Monday.