Thursday, March 16, 2006

Illini, Volunteers will win trophies.

I generally try to stay topical, but I admit to being sometimes pacified by the 'bread and circuses' routine, and no circus is quite as full of drama as the annual NCAA tournament ('March Madness'). And I've got a pretty good streak going, so despite the odds let's prognosticate again:

For any of you who were regular readers of the DNC blog the past couple of years, you know that I am on a 2-0 streak, having picked UConn to win the NCAA men's tourney two years ago and North Carolina last season (haven't been as lucky picking the ladies).

My picks this year: Illinois (a surprise) for the men, and Tennessee (a mild surprise) for the ladies.

The Illini, underrated as a number four seed, have been hitting at just the right time. This is a team that has 'Cinderella' written all over it, but also a team with great team chemistry. My guess is that the tournament ends before midnight. Of course, an Illinois tournament win would be considered a big upset, and their patience may be tested in their first game against a slow Air Force offense, but I think they have the tools needed to win. And their outside shooting will be useful if they do get behind and need to come back in a game.

Pat Summitt was visibly and vocally disappointed at being named a number two seed in the tournament. Now, honestly, I think they deserved the seeding, and not sure which of the one seeds they should have replaced. But Summitt is steaming over it, and she and the Volunteers are at their most dangerous when they think they've been dissed. Dangerous enough to win the whole thing, for instance.


Karen said...

Any Big Ten team would *rock*... MSU is my first choice, of course, but don't think that's gonna happen.

Sar said...

I don't know much about this topic. But I do know we're having a place tomorrow! :)

Karen said...

eli~ read your comment to hubby & he said you're older than dirt just like us, but ya gotta better memory! {grin}

Thanks for sharing all those great memories at my place re the Microsoft 1978 start-up era. :o)

Eli Blake said...

Gosh, Karen, it looks like the chance I might be right is about the only chance you've got left. This was a terrible first round for the Big Ten.

Karen said...

Last night sucked for my basketball teams! Even the Pistons lost to the lowly Knicks by two points but the stupid refs threw 'Sheed & Rip outa the game......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I might sound like a whiner but everyone's out after the Pistons since they have the best record in the NBA. I'd better stop here before my rant gets outta hand. :(

EAPrez said... sorry for your Volunteers but thrilled my brackets live for another round since I had picked Witchita over TN! WOOHOO!

Eli Blake said...


Wrong volunteers. I picked Tenn to win the WOMEN'S trophy (and Pat Summitt's crew is still alive to do just that).

On the other hand, my streak of picking the men's winner has now ended. At two, with Washington's upset of Illinois.

Eli Blake said...

From my post on Illinois:

This is a team that has 'Cinderella' written all over it.

Is it OK if I amend that to 'ugly stepsister?'