Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pick someone who will get it all out.

President Bush says that he plans to personally lead the investigation into what happened in New Orleans.

Now, if he and his administration weren't accused of being involved with the lion's share of the mistakes that were made, that would be an example of leadership. But since they are, this sounds like an attempt to whitewash and sweep under the rug some of the hard questions that need to be asked. Otherwise, even if he comes up with recommendations, they are likely to be tainted.

What I have noticed is that Republicans have toned down their claims that it was a 'natural disaster' or an 'act of God' since it was pointed out that wetlands have disappeared as shipping canals have been built, that the budget was cut for flood control levees, and that water temperatures in the northern Gulf of Mexico are at a record, nearing 90 degrees. But ultimately, any inquiry needs to focus on these issues as well as the response, and it seems that Bush plans to focus solely on what happened after the hurricane struck.

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Beth said...

and I am going to personally march to Washington to protest that. Well, I am asking for Peace too but...

Eli, I went bonkers when I heard that little "we are going to investigate"

it is a good thing...I am a decent person.

Great posts.