Friday, September 16, 2005

Maybe they just pay him to PRETEND that he's paying attention

President Bush, in an ABC interview on September 1, three days after Hurricane Katrina, said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”

Of course the fact that this had been anticipated is by now well documented elsewhere. However, it turns out in this story, Katrina forecasters remarkably accurate that

National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield also gave daily pre-storm videoconference briefings to federal officials in Washington, warning them of a nightmare scenario of New Orleans’ levees not holding, winds smashing windows in high-rise buildings and flooding wiping out large swaths of the Gulf Coast...

A photo on the White House Web site shows Bush in Crawford, Texas, watching Mayfield give a briefing on Aug. 28, a day before Katrina smashed ashore with 145-mph winds.

And there you have it. The President believes that no one anticipated this, but the day before he was briefed by the guy who did.

Wonder where his mind was wandering.


dorsano said...

Yea, NPR had a piece about Max Mayfield - talk about the difference one person can make - this guy made it his personal mission to make sure everyone at every level of government new what was going to happen.

Chuck said...

Plain and simply put- he doesn't nothing but LIE and he LIES because he can. He is an untouchable without repercussion ever. He gets away with it every time.

Chuck said...