Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cruise vs. Cruz

I thought it might be a good idea to help people tell the difference between Senator Ted Cruz, who led the recent shutdown of the Federal Government, costing $24 billion and harming the economy with actor Tom Cruise, who at least in recent years has exhibited other kinds of bizarre behavior.

Here are some differences between Cruz (pictured in the first photo) and Cruise (pictured in the second.)

Tom Cruise starred in ‘Mission Impossible.’

Ted Cruz just led ‘Mission Impossible,’ and yes, it was impossible.

Tom Cruise is a member of a religion that a lot of people consider a dangerous cult.

Ted Cruise is a member of a political faction that a lot of people consider a dangerous cult.

While on the set of ‘All You Need Is Kill’ , a movie being shot in London, Tom Cruise had his daughter flown in so he could show her around.

While on the floor of the Senate, Ted Cruz read his daughters ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ and missed the point.

Katie Holmes has questioned Tom Cruise’s mental state.

The country has questioned Ted Cruz’ mental state.

Tom Cruise went nuts on national TV one time and jumped on Oprah’s couch.

Ted Cruz went nuts on national TV and jumped in front of all the TV cameras.

Tom Cruise has played a jerk in several movies, including ‘Cocktail,’ ‘Jerry McGuire’ and ‘Rain Man.’ It seems to come naturally to him.

It comes naturally to Ted Cruz, too.

Tom Cruise’s first movie was ‘Endless Love.’

Ted Cruz’s first stunt during the shutdown was ‘endless speech.’

Tom Cruise flew a fighter jet in ‘Top Gun.’

Ted Cruz supported the sequester, which has grounded all the fighter jets flown by the Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds.

A forum on the Razzie Award website once described Tom Cruise as a ‘world class wacko.’

John McCain called Ted Cruz a ‘wacko bird.’

Tom Cruise, in a 2006 interview with Parade Magazine, described his father as ‘a merchant of chaos.’

Ted Cruz fits that description.

Tom Cruise gave nothing other than expenses for Suri to Katie Holmes in their divorce agreement.

Ted Cruz helped make sure that in the end Republicans had such a weak hand that they got nothing other than $3 billion for a dam in Kentucky in their agreement to reopen the government.

Tom Cruise once appeared in ‘Interview with a Vampire.’

Ted Cruz’s shutdown helped suck the blood out of the economy in a lot of places around the country.

Via Perii Maestas Calles:

Tom Cruise is a dramatic actor.

Ted Cruz is a comedic actor.

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