Thursday, March 10, 2011

2010 Arizona Census data up

The U.S. Census bureau has released its count for Arizona.

Navajo County's population of over 107,000 is up 10.2 % from last census but is more than 5,000 less than a 2009 estimate of what it should be. Overall, Arizona is the only state in the country to be more than 2% below what the statisticians estimated in 2009 that the 2010 population would be. Wonder of SB 1070 had anything to do with that?

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Mark said...

SB 1070 has only been an issue for the last year or two. The population statistics are over the last decade. The lack of projected growth is no doubt a result of the poor Arizona economy in comparison with other states. In other words just a natural result of the bursting of the real estate bubble.