Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jon Kyl defends earmark after voting against earmarks by pointing out administration supports the earmark

You know I've been spending way too much time on Facebook when it's been TWO MONTHS since I wrote a blog post. Granted, I was working on the election for the first part of that time (even though no candidate I worked for above the level of Justice of the Peace won-- but looking at the 'glass half full' side at least in Navajo County Democrats did win two of the three JP races that were contested, and the one we lost was in a 3-to-1 Republican area but Elaine Curiel still made a race of that one.) I'm glad that Evelyn Marez won handily here for Justice of the Peace. Races above that, well I'm looking forward to 2012.

However, I do want to get back to blogging (even if I still post all kinds of stuff on FB that would be great blog material) so I'll srart by again, calling Senator Kyl a hypocrite. Most of you (if anyone still looks at this blog after two months) know that he is the Senator who joined his GOP colleagues in voting to ban earmarks, and then only 72 hours later added an earmark to a bill. You may not know that the earmark is for a water project on the Whiteriver Apache reservation here in Navajo County. So, I support the earmark, but I don't pretend to be against earmarks. I called Senator Kyl's office today about it and the young guy who answered the phone read verbatim from a statement he was supposed to read to people who called about the earmark essentially saying the earmark was not an earmark. I expressed some skepticism about that and his next response floored me:

"It has the support of the administration."

Uh,...yeah. It does. And like I just wrote, it has my support. But it appears that Jon Kyl is playing both sides of the fence here. He is publically claiming he is against earmarks and is openly doing everything he can to defeat the Obama agenda (witness START) but is then defending his 'first-over-the-line' earmark by saying, "it has the support of the administration."


shrimplate said...

Kyl's a psychopath. Period. He has no integrity, no conscience, and not much in the way of wits, either.

sandyh said...

The corrupt defending their corrupt ways by calling them corrupt?

Eli Blake said...

Kyl is really a piece of work. He grew up in Washington as a congressman's son, and has always known that's where he would be. Money no object, of course. He was hired as a congressional staffer right out of college and pretty much lives full time in Washington. He comes back to Arizona to campaign and do fundraisers, and that's about it.

The fact that the Senate GOP would elect this guy as their #2 kind of makes you wonder what kind of intellectual lightweights they are.