Saturday, February 06, 2010

Six Hundred People at a National 'Convention' is a First Class Flop

The National Tea Party convention had weeks to prepare, a national speakers list headlined by Sarah Palin and wall-to-wall media coverage. They held their convention in the Gaylord Opryland, a venue that has 2,881 rooms available (in addition to tens of thousands of other rooms in surrounding hotels.) In two weeks, the National Wild Turkey Federation, a sportsmen's group is having their convention in Opryland and they anticipate 40,000 visitors.

Six hundred people attended, barely more than the number of people in the House and Senate they want to strike fear into the hearts of.

Every Christmas, more people than that show up to watch the kiddies perform in their annual elementary school Christmas concert. And I live in a town with 1,500 people in it, total.

After all the hype, getting fewer people than you'll find in the stands for the average little league game should make it clear that this 'movement' is a flop. No wonder reporters are interviewing each other.

3 comments: said...

Meanwhile our clueless news media desperately looks for a black person at the convention ....

sandyh said...

Nobody cares about the teabaggers except Murdock, the KKK, Palin, and a handful of conservative billionaires. They hope to throw a monkey wrench into the economic reform process while making lots of money for themselves.

Perhaps they should have convened on the Confederate 4th of July or whatever they call it in Dixie? Even Palin said that it's all about "the people" who can pay $600 to hear her speak off her crib notes.

Their march on Washington attracted less than the usual crowd for our local bar crawl for St. Patrick's Day.

I've seen the usual racist Birther suspects protesting locally illegal immigration and guns rights waving signs at intersections for literally ten years now. Most motorists treat them like bag ladies and street people and speed up to get past them.

The Movement is nothing more than a public relations campaign that is becoming too expensive for the members to participate in. Besides, those domestic militia folks prefer conducting their own activities. They don't respect any authority except their own.

Murdock is becoming a victim of his own hype. The more circus acts he promotes the less headway he makes as a legitimate news source and ringleader of a new political era.

Even if he had Palin pose topless like he has all those bimbos in his European tabloids, it wouldn't increase Fox News audience share from that of a very narrow niche market.

Unknown said...

I'm so tired of the media (CNN in this case!) who will cover something for the glitz not the content. A few crazy folk in revolutionary garb and Sarah P (with nothing to say) is worth live coverage? Did nothing else happen in the world on Saturday? Palin would be the nobody she actually is without stupid media coverage....