Thursday, February 04, 2010

Duncan Hunter afraid of hermaphrodite conspiracy to take over the military

Duncan Hunter, a rabid anti-immigration, anti-pretty much anything that makes sense congressman from California did himself one up Tuesday during an interview regarding President Obama's proposal to repeal the 'don't ask/don't tell' policy regarding gay service members.

It is hard to argue against the repeal of the policy, given the established fact that thousands of gay servicemen and women have served in America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. In many cases their comrades in arms were fully aware of their sexual orientation (though they may have declined to 'tell' formally in order to avoid being booted out of the military) and in fact it has been a non-issue in the front lines. What matters in a war is whether someone can do and does do their job, period.

And further, it makes far more sense to integrate the armed services now, when there is no urgent national emergency of the type that might require a draft, than to be forced to do so in a dire national emergency when millions of young people suddenly announce publically they are gay the day after getting their conscription notices. Because let's be honest here-- if there ever is a draft, anyone who wants to dodge it will make such a public announcement and pretty much dare the army to boot them out, and if it happens on a massive scale would force the issue then-- at a time when we don't need to be fighting over it.

So what did Congressman Hunter say, exactly?

"You'll open the military up to hermaphrodites."


Does he even know what a hermaphrodite is? For the record a hermaphrodite has both male and female sex organs from birth, often as the result of a genetic abnormality (such as the presence of three sex chromosomes, XXY -- whereas a normal male is XY and a normal female is XX.) About one in every ten thousand Americans is a hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodites lead completely ordinary lives, with the exception that because they have both male and female characteristics they in some cases are able to decide which gender they would prefer to live as. In fact, in most cases sexual orientation, where it plays a role, tends to lead hermaphrodites to choose the gender opposite to that which they find most appealing.

What does repealing DADT have to do with hermaphrodites? A hermaphrodite is perfectly welcome to join the military right now, and I suspect (though there are no statistics on it that I'm aware of) that some have.

What Congressman Hunter's comment shows is an apalling level of ignorance. He obviously has no clue what a 'hermaphrodite' actually is, he just knows it's a word he can use to scare people who are as ignorant as he is.

What scares me is that there are actually people in the United States who just last year wanted this guy to become President!


sandyh said...

He as afraid to say progressives?

Jack Hampton said...

He probably heard the word in a very negative sexual connotation.

The problem fundamentalists (including those who are fundamentalists for political expediency, like Hunter) face with hermaphrodites is that just their existence forces them to confront head on the hypocrisy of their dogma.

If you believe that God is infallible (which they do, and attribute birth defects generally to it being part of God's plan, or at least punishment for the mother) then you accept that a hermaphrodite is born that way because God wills it. If as you point out they have an XXY chromosome pattern then that is also God's will, and their identity as a hermaphrodite goes all the way to their DNA and is in every cell of their body.

So now you have some humans who legitimately have to choose a sexual identity as either male or female. That flies in the face of fundamentalists who say that for someone to choose a sexual identity later in life is an abomination against the law of God.

Much easier for their simplistic little minds to just lump 'hermaphrodite' in with 'gay,' transgender, or some other form of sexual deviancy.

Eli Blake said...


Bet he doesn't know what that means either.

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