Monday, January 11, 2010

When is a murder not a murder? When a kook gets the judge to go along with him

When is a murder not a murder?

I guess when the victim is a doctor who performs abortions and the murderer is a fanatic who thinks he's justified in shooting an unarmed man point blank in the forehead.

The judge in the case of Scott Roeder, who has admitted to planning the killing and then shooting Dr. George Tiller in the head at Tiller's church last May while Tiller was serving as an usher, ruled Friday that Roeder could argue that he should be convicted of voluntary manslaughter instead of murder, not because of any facts in the case suggesting it was anything other than a premeditated homicide, but because Roeder thought that his action would 'save unborn children.'

So does that mean if you are motivated by a political belief the illegal, even up to and including murder, is now the legal and acceptable? What's next? If the holocaust museum shooter had survived (he died the other day) he should be able to plead guilty to a lesser charge than murder because in his mind killing a black man working for a Jewish client would be justified? Maybe they should water down the charges against the Christmas Day bomber too because he thought what he was doing was right in the name of Allah?


savageette1999 said...

The Judge said he would make that call as the trial proceeded, on a witness-by-witness basis.

savageette1999 said...

Oh, and as far as I'm concerned - this guy is a cold-blooded murderer - period.

Those that kill in the name of Allah are also cold-blooded murderers.

Eli Blake said...

For once I actually agree with you about something, there is no difference between Roeder and the Christmas Day bomber, except that thankfully the latter was unsuccessful.

I know, I know. I need to get back over to CHT, lately I've been writing a book (plus gotten hooked on facebook) so I've not had as much time.

savageette1999 said...

Eli, you and I hardly ever agree politically - but you are a nice man.

When you spoke of your daughter - I was blown away with respect you for you.

Facebook, eh. My neices and daughter are nagging me to join - I may someday - I'd rather sit down with a good book...

We have a very dear friend who rights about the Civil War era - his wife (also a dear friend, a flaming liberal, lol!) is a Professor with Arkansas University - a Hemingway aficionada.

I hope you success with your writing.

miked85284 said...

Judge must be up for election or afraid of getting recalled