Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot Air intentionally deceives

The conservative blog Hot Air claims that a letter mailed by the Congressional Budget Office to a Republican Congressman contradicts Harry Reid's numbers regarding the proposed health care bill that he has been quoting this week.

Only one problem. Reid's numbers (also from the CBO) are about the bill he is proposing that the Senate take up, while the letter is about the House version of the legislation, HR 3962.

Well, if you want to claim that someone's numbers are wrong, go find a different number that is different because it is measuring a different bill, right? Who will notice?


shrimplate said...

I betcha they'd see the difference in Wasilla, you betcha.

Eli Blake said...

Well, at least now that Palin is out of office, we don't have to worry about her pardoning any turkeys this Thanksgiving, right?

sandyh said...

Was that Levi last year practicing how he was going to wring her neck? Why would anyone let a creep like that near their daughter much less insist that he marry her?

Gee, the Republicans just can't seem to get the numbers straight. They cooked the books when they were in charge, but now they complain because we are starting to make sense of the system again?

Eli Blake said...


What I don't get about that whole deal is why Palin is getting into a back and forth with a teenager.

She may still run for office someday. He's not. It's a little like if a politician gets into a fight with a blogger or a radio personality. They both look bad, but the only one who might have to pay for it is the politician.