Friday, August 29, 2008

Would you trust me to pick a Vice President? I hope not.

What led John McCain to Sarah Palin?

Two words: Righty bloggers.

Over the past few months right leaning bloggers have launched a 'draft Palin' movement on the internet. To start with, they've thrown out a number of other names as well-- Condi Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Bobby Jindahl (who was actually seriously vetted for a time.) What ties these together is that they all represent a measure of diversity (exposing their own insecurity at the realization that the GOP Presidential field this year was full of nothing but old white guys while the Democratic field was a picture of diversity). Palin is, of course a woman. And they love her because she shoots her own food, denies global warming and is good looking (90% plus of righty bloggers are male, and we will leave it at that.)

And yes, the same righty bloggers are loving it. Today anyway. I have a feeling though that by a few weeks from now the names Walt Monegan, Michael Wooten, Steve Branchflower and Frank Bailey will be pretty well known. They won't love the Palin pick then.

But here is my question: We know that Caroline Kennedy vetted Obama's veep candidates before recommending Joe Biden among a short list of others for Obama to ponder and make his final decision. Who vetted McCain's list? Righty bloggers?

I love blogging. But I'm not qualified to help someone choose the Vice President of the United States. At that, I'm probably more qualified to do something like that than most bloggers, having worked on numerous campaigns for federal, state and local office, and having served as a precinct committeeman, First Vice Chair of a county party and a member of the State committee. But I'm still unqualified.

So what does it say about John McCain when he chooses someone who the right side of the blogosphere adores, but is otherwise unknown and saddled by a burgeoning scandal?

I know he was about to pick Mitt Romney, when McCain's own gaffe about how many homes he owns made Romney (the only guy in the picture who is even richer than the McCains) a sudden liability. So he didn't have a backup choice, but instead turned it over to righty bloggers.

We will see how well this choice holds up. But if it doesn't, then don't blame Walt Monegan when it unravels. Put the blame where it belongs-- on the right side of the blogosphere.

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Daniel said...

I don't know.. did you vote in the primary this spring? Do you intend to vote in November? If so, then you must believe yourself capable of picking the president, and certainly the vice president.

I may not always agree with their choices, but in America, I believe that even bloggers should play a role in electing our leaders. :-)