Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McCain rape joke

One of my favorite Arizona bloggers, Tedski, did a post on the worst side of John McCain's sense of sick 'humor' in which he dug up this image of a Tucson newspaper article from 1986 in which John McCain is quoted as telling the following joke:

Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?’

But, hey this is a guy who publically called his own wife the c-word.


Incidentally, Tedski has been selected as the state blogger representing Arizona at the Democratic convention. I put in for it, but I don't mind saying that the credentials committee made an excellent choice.


Trooper York said...

You know I never thought about like that. I mean why would we want a guy who jokes about rape when we can get an actual rapist like Bill Clinton. What's William Kennedy Smith doing these days? Maybe he can run for Teddy's seat and we can groom him for 2012.

There is no substitute for authenticity.

Eli Blake said...

Bill Clinton was a philanderer. He was not a rapist.

And William Kennedy Smith was accused by a woman who turned out to be nuttier than a Planter's warehouse and he ended up getting acquitted.

Trooper York said...

But Clinton was the worst type of sexual harasser and a man who got sex "under color of authority." His minions have covered up for him and his actions and made any excuse for his actions. But thrashing the women who accuse them of sexual improprieties is the stock in trade of the Clintons and the Kennedy's. And you love them. So it’s kind of funny to see you get your panties in a twist about a joke or a stray curse word. It’s really silly and beneath you. You always struck me as a very intelligent and fair person. To stoop to this argument is really quite silly.

Victoria Placeo said...

As a recent victim of proven sexual assault here is what I have to say:


Eli Blake said...


There is no comparison between philandering and forcible rape. There is a reason why philanderers get sued in civil court and rapists get tried in criminal court and have to spend the rest of their lives as registered sex offenders. If you can't figure out the difference then I can't help you there.

Victoria: I did check out your site. Thanks for having the courage to speak up about it.

Zach said...

There's a difference between rape and philandering, for sure.

There's also a difference between making an off-color comment, and actually participating in an action.

I would argue that there's also a difference between having an affair and workplace sexual harrasment.

In any workplace, an executive sleeping with an intern, putting a cigar in her personal areas in the office, and pressuring her to keep quiet about it, would be considered sexual harassment. As in protected by federal law. A man (or woman) using their power in the workplace to get sex is immoral and illegal. Not comparable to rape, but in my opinion, much worse than commenting, joking, or whatever, about rape (however off-color and politically unwise that may be).


Trooper York said...

"There is no comparison between philandering and forcible rape."

Quite true. I personally think that Juanita Broedrick's account of being raped by a young Bill Clinton rings true. The arrogance and sense of entitlement is on display every day now that he doesn't have to edit himself.

Be that as it may, his actions as a text book example of being a sexual harasser is well documented and litigated. It is only the cover provided by misguided decent people like yourself that is so troubling.

A joke is a joke. If you decide how to vote because of a joke, mere words, well I can't help you there. I just think your whole horrified act is silly. Really.

Victoria, I also read your blog and I am very sorry for what happened to you. I hope that the person who did that to you is punished to the fullest extent of the law. And that no one makes excuses for him. But most of all I hope you can find peace. Good luck to you and may the God you believe in bless you and hold you in his arms. Be safe.

Zach said...

I totally agree with your last post. Moreover, the joke was an isolated incident.

It would be one thing to judge McCain if he had a long pattern of rape joking. One incident, 20 something years, ago, however is different.

Moreover, it was the '80s. Not that this makes everything okay, but it wasn't exactly the era of political corectness. I doubt McCain was the only one telling jokes in the '80s that would now be considered inappropriate.

Victoria Placeo said...

Hey Guys,

The debates are intriguing.

My bottom line, is I don't care if it McCain, Obama, Kennedy, Clinton, or Bozo the Clown, rape and violence jokes are just not funny, victimized or not.

Very intelligent men you are!

I can't be sure because I dont know you , but I am 99.99999%positive that you are all men (man definition according to blog) and would never be organisms (defintion according to blog)!! I due use that term in a negative connotation.

Thanks to you for your support!

Victoria Placeo

Zach said...

I don't defend the joke, the comments or the message. I don't think the joke was funny, or correct, but I don't think it's reason enough to disqualify McCain from the Presidency.