Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kisses and Hugs


endorses THE HUGGER

And the media is saying they are shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

Boy, are they asleep at the switch, or maybe they want to be shocked.

Because the truth is, you could take the difference between Joe Lieberman and John McCain and put it on a butter knife and spread it thin on a cracker. An oyster cracker.


shrimplate said...

I never liked Lieberman, and it galls me still that Gore once chose him as a running-mate.

Eli Blake said...

I think it galls Gore too. If he'd chosen Bob Graham (also a finalist) he'd have won Florida, no question.

For that matter, Kerry also passed over Graham, the man who could have given him Florida and would have had some real credibility on the Iraq war.

I just wish they'd quit referring to Lieberman as a 'Democrat.' Because he cut that bridge last year after he was defeated in a fair primary.