Thursday, May 31, 2007

Andrew, they sent him on through. Would they do the same for Abu?

A border patrol agent along the Canadian border who saw TB patient Andrew Speaker's name pop up on the computer, along with an explanation why he was to be detained and under no circumstances to enter the country, made a snap judgement to let him through anyway saying that to him, Speaker 'looked healthy.' So, even though Speaker had specifically been put on the watchlist, he was able to get through and drive to New York City.

I guess the border patrol agent must be an expert in quickly diagnosing the effects and severity of infectious diseases.

Considering how much money has been spent on Homeland Security, we are undone by... a border patrol agent engaging in profiling. Note he said that Speaker looked healthy.

I truly have to wonder though whether Speaker would have been waved through by the agent after his name showed up on the computer if his first name was Abu instead of Andrew.


shrimplate said...

This is going to be placed in that border patrol agent's permanent record!

I have this tragi-comic mini-movie playing in my head:

You know how sick Val Kilmer looked when he played Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone?

Well, picture a guy like that, pale as a ghost, coughing and hacking up bloody gobs, being waved through at the border because he "looks OK."

thephoenixnyc said...

The dude got shitcanned. Talk about a bad decision.