Thursday, December 07, 2006

Judge kicked out for sending late court arrivals to jail.

Today, according to a report on Ann Althouse's blog, the Florida Supreme Court has thrown Seminole County Judge John Sloop off the bench.

The reason is because two years ago, (apparently when Sloop was having a really bad hair day or something) he had eleven people who showed up late for court summarily arrested and put in jail. Then, when it turned out the reason they were late for court was because a courthouse employee had given them wrong directions, he still kept them there.

I'm surprised it took this long. If I did something that egregious at work, I'd be gone within a few hours (maybe a month if I insisted on fighting it.) To be honest it is frightening that someone with this kind of temperment was making decisions that affect other people's lives.

Of course, you do remember Seminole County don't you? That was the county where in the 2000 election, GOP campaign workers had been, in violation of the law, filling out and mailing absentee ballots themselves (truth is, Seminole County and the neighboring county of Martin were the two counties where the 2000 election was really stolen, while everyone was watching Palm Beach county.)

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