Monday, June 26, 2006

Kyl campaign invents a position for Jim Pederson on Iraq.

Funny, but even when I know that Jim Pederson disagrees with me on a very important issue, Jon Kyl is doing his best to make Pederson even more appealing to me.

The issue is about the specifics of how to get out of Iraq. I support a timeline for a withdrawal that gives the Iraqi army enough notice that they can assume the duties that we are now carrying out, but nevertheless has a deadline attached to it. Jim Pederson, as he reiterated in a news release today said that he does not support a timeline.

Jon Kyl’s campaign again lied about Jim Pederson’s position on Iraq today to try to deflect attention from revelations about Kyl’s craven partisan behavior when a Democrat was in the White House and U.S. troops were in the field. Clearly, the Kyl campaign is frustrated that Pederson hasn’t taken the position they would like him to take, so they have decided to make one up for him...

Pederson is on record opposing an announced timeline or a precipitous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and has said we should finish the job. He would have opposed the Kerry amendment that set a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops. The Reed-Levin amendment does not call for a deadline for the removal of American soldiers.

Now, I personally disagree strongly with Pederson's position on this, but I also know Jim and have talked with him before, and I know that he is an honest guy who is very concerned about the fundamental needs of ordinary people in Arizona, so as important an issue as this is, I continue to believe that he is the best choice the people of this state can have for Senate. One thing for sure-- Jim Pederson is a guy who can be reasoned with, while Jon Kyl, after decades in Washington, can't even be found anymore, let alone reasoned with.

As we've seen time and again from the Kyl campaign however, the truth does not matter. And that is a reflection of Kyl himself-- all about image, and frankly very little to show for his many, many years as Senator, Congressman, lobbyist, congressional staffer, son of a Congressman...

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