Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What is Jim Weiers Hiding?

After going ga-ga over the governor's speech, it's time to ask a question that immediately popped into my mind as I read today's paper (while sitting in a chair waiting for find out if I would get picked to serve on a grand jury, ironically).

The reason it's ironic is this: it has to do with a scandal now threatening to envelop Arizona House of Representatives Speaker Jim Weiers. Over the weekend, it was reported that according to a Mesa police report, a man named Brendan Lybarger claimed that the speaker urged him not to contact police after he was molested as a teenager by Arthur Vitasek, a friend of Weiers.

Of course, Weiers denied the allegation.

Today, the Arizona Republic writes that Weiers got hold of Lybarger and obtained a signed and notarized letter from him retracting the allegation.

One of Arizona's most powerful legislators defended himself Monday against accusations that he interfered with a child molestation investigation, producing documents purporting to show that a witness had been lying.

Hours before the state Legislature reconvened Monday, House Speaker Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix, released a hand-written statement reportedly from molestation victim Brendan Lybarger recanting allegations that Weiers told him not to talk to police.

Weiers also released a tape and transcript of a Saturday night telephone conversation in which a man identifying himself as Lybarger says he lied because he was angry about being abused by a friend and employee of Weiers'.

However, Weiers refused to make Lybarger available for an interview, and the letter, which bore a notary seal from Louisiana, could not be independently authenticated.

However, here is the kicker. Later in the article, it says,

Weiers said he will send a copy of the statement to Mesa police. The department is trying to locate Lybarger for a second interview, Sgt. Chuck Trapani said.

So Jim Weiers knows where Lybarger is and can get a notarized letter claiming that he lied to police within twenty-four hours of the original story showing up in the paper, but he isn't willing to share that information with the Mesa police department!

Even if you believe that the letter is genuine and uncoerced, and that Weiers is telling the truth about everything, this would smell like yesterday's garbage. Why would he want to deny police the opportunity to interview a man who could clear him?

Not that it would be the first time that Weiers has failed in his duty as a citizen, apparently believing that helping Arthur Vitasek is more important than helping the police:

On Monday, Weiers also defended his decision not to contact police until investigators called him more than 10 days after an Amber Alert was issued Jan. 22 for Vitasek and his girlfriend's 11-year-old son. The boy was found at a Tempe home.

Weiers' extensive knowledge of Vitasek enabled police to develop a profile of the suspect, and the lawmaker provided more information on Vitasek than any other witness, Trapani said.

Given his present lack of cooperation with the police, even a reasonable person can assume that the Speaker has something to hide. But even if that is not true, it is scary to think that someone with such a complete lack of judgement is leading our legislature.

Republicans. Get into trouble. It's what they do.


shrimplate said...

This story will only get uglier. I suspect that Weiers is doing more than thrying to cover things up for an old friend.

I wish the police good luck.

Anonymous said...

Judgment is a thing that needs be carefully weighed not thrown out in haste.When men make hasty judgements and turn out to be wrong they are called liars. When men make hasty judgements and are right they are called wise.Weiers had an emotional connection that is without a doubt and that connection may have clouded his judgement. But the question remains is he a liar that harbors child molestors or is he just guilty of caring to mauch for someone who made bad choices.

Anonymous said...

If Weiers had nothing to hide he would have been more than willing to have Lybarger come forward personally. His relationship w/Vitasek bgoes back to when Vitasek was 15 years old. And as close as they were - Weiers set him up in business, bought his trucks for him, and so much more.... Perhaps Vitasek's first encounter with child molestation came at the hands of Weiers. Only 15 years old and still the relationship continued for more than 28 years. Something is defintely wrong with this picture. How would you like to be Lybarger and facing the "Speaker of the House"?


Anonymous said...

jim weiers is a child molester of young boys. he prefers teen age boys. he molested MANY young boys in corsicana texas when he owned and operated a steak house named k bobs. he molested arthur vitasek back then along with numerous other young boys as well. arthur vitasek was a nieve young boy who made straight A's in high school in corsicana texas. he was decent and nieve until jim weiers got his hands on arthur and turned him into a monster which is what jim weires is--a MONSTER. watch out for jim weiers he will continue to have sex with and rape young boys! he will not stop ever he is a pedofile of the worst possible kind!

Eli Blake said...


I would be interested in speaking with you, especially if you can help me get in touch with people who've been victimized by Mr. Weiers firsthand. I live in Arizona and have contacts with people who are in a position to make things very public. It is unfortunate that the Arizona Republic did not follow up the original story but there are other outlets for information.

As you know, Jim Weiers has risen to a very powerful position where he is able to limit the protections available to kids (which he's done, in fact) and where he has access to legislative pages and other kids-- so he is certainly a menace.

Please contact me

(email: no_draft@yahoo.com or cell: 1-928-863-1049). We may have a common interest in stopping this criminal from harming any more children and in bringing his past into the light of day.

Eli Blake said...

Also, note that Vitasek is presently undergoing trial and has a court date set right now for Oct. 12 (see

http://www.supreme.state.az.us/publicaccess/notification/casedetail.asp?cs_id=kekeqkao&crt_name=Maricopa%20County%20Superior#footnote )

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Anonymous said...

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