Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fire Karl Rove

In 2003, President Bush promised following the Valerie Plame leak that he would fire whoever was responsible for it, if they were in his administration.

Well, now we know.

And the response of the far right has been nothing short of pathetic. These people, who claim to be 'upholding a strong America,' don't seem to care that we have lost a CIA officer, and probably any contacts that she had in other countries (that is a real human loss, but it will probably be years, if ever, before we know who may have been killed overseas for cooperating with the United States). To them, it is about politics and only politics, and anything else, even the law and our own national security, play second fiddle for them. No, instead, they revert to their strong suit-- the politics of personal attacks. Their favorite target is Plame's husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, who they have been angry with ever since he called the President on his lies about Iraqi nuclear weapons. To read their rantings, you would think that Joe Wilson is the focus of all evil in the world.

Not only is he not, but this is a complete smokescreen. Even if we accept for a moment that Joe Wilson is everything the Republicans claim, HE isn't accused of a crime. Right now, Karl Rove is. They may try to shift the focus to Joe Wilson, but the fact is HE ISN'T the one being investigated. Let me say it again. Joe Wilson has been accused of NOTHING illegal. Karl Rove has been accused of treason, pure and simple., and he is the one we need to stay focused on.

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