Saturday, May 02, 2009

We don't know who the nominee is yet but the 'party of no' is already against him or her.

If I read this article right, It won't matter who the President picks as a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

Phone lines around Washington began burning this morning as conservative organizations kicked off preparations for the fight over President Obama's eventual Supreme Court nominee.

Associate Justice David Souter's decision to step down at the end of this term has awakened a long-dormant network of conservative organizations that will do their best to augment — and at times pressure — Senate Republican efforts to frame Obama's eventual choice....

Groups like the American Center for Law & Justice, the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary and the Committee for Justice will all prepare background research on potential nominees, setting up the eventual, inevitable attacks on the nominee as a left-wing extremist....

Interpretation: It won't matter who Obama picks. You will hear the same attacks anyway, just because it is an Obama pick.


shrimplate said...

I don't the mud is going to stick anymore. They'll throw it though; oh, they'll throw it. For a news cycle or two, then something else will come along and push the story to a back burner.

Eli Blake said...


I hope you're right, although a Supreme Court nominee is rare enough and big enough that it will be out there for a bit, and besides that the whole committee hearing thing mandates that it will take some time.

sandyh said...

The way things are going there should be another Category 5, potato famine, Bubonic plague, or even another O.J. trial to quench the MSM's thirst for yellow journalism.

I say Obama should just put out his nomination and dare anyone to say his candidate isn't the best for the job. Then dig in his heels and refuse to debate the matter saying the matter is closed.

Sometimes a leader just has to tell people the way it is going to be instead of explaining why he/she is doing it. This is one decision that the Constitution clearly states that the President is the only one who gets to make the call.

It's his choice and he has a mandate from last November to back him up.

That's how President Obama should make the announcement and stick to it....he has a mandate and the authority to select the person he feels is best person for the job.