Monday, May 11, 2009

I guess he could always get on a small boat and try to sneak in from Ireland

The British have recently created a list of ten individuals who are persona-non-grata (a diplomatic term meaning not welcome) in England. Mostly the list includes various international terrorists but the name that is garnerning the most attention is American talk radio hatemonger Michael Weiner (radio name Michael Savage). If you've ever had the disgusting experience of hearing Savage on the radio then you were likely treated to a hateful, bigoted rant against whatever group he is angry at that day. Of course Savage is saying he is outraged by the British list and demands an apology and that his name be removed from the list.

Now, I could make the point that the British (like any nation) have every right to declare anyone who is not a British citizen unwelcome in Britain. I could make the case that he's getting a lot more coverage out of this than a late-night bigot with a loud mouth should get, and both those points would be true.

But I won't. I will only ask one very simple question:

Michael Savage believes that the United States not only has a right, but should enforce at all costs the denial of entry into the United States of undocumented Mexicans and others wanting to enter the U.S. so they can find a job. So is he saying that it is mandatory that the U.S. turn away undocumented Mexicans but not OK for the British to turn away an American bigot?


shrimplate said...

It's another example of "amygdala politics." It makes no sense. It's just a petty, infantile, desperate emotional pity-party.

Jack Hampton said...

Michael Wiener should be very careful about leaving the country right now. Because if he does then maybe the United States will be the country that declares him 'persona non grata' and doesn't let him come back.

Eli Blake said...


He's a wannabe Limbaugh so he will milk this for every moment of publicity he can get out of it (even aside from the pretty much universal fantasy on the right that they are being persecuted, in fact no right winger is ever really happy unless he can claim that someone who is more liberal than he is, is persecuting him.)


A delicious thought, though even Bush never went so far as to try and deny entry back into the country to an American. But it is a nice thought to imagine Michael Savage stuck on a boat out in the middle of the ocean because the entire world closes the door to him. Well, I'm entitled to a small bit of liberal fantasy right?