Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Republican Senator even hides what state he is from for a buck.

I was just reading a CNN article on judicial nominees linked here when an ad at the bottom caught my attention.

It said, "Arlen Specter: A Democrat" and then under it, it said, "We need every conservative vote. Elect a conservative. Donate now." Under that it had a link to David Vitter's website.

David Vitter? He's claiming he is an alternative to Arlen Specter in this ad. Then if you follow the link it goes to a page that has the title "David Vitter|Arlen Specter" and soliticits donations.

A key piece of information is missing though. Namely, what state he is from. Reading the whole ad, it was hard to not assume that David Vitter was running against Arlen Specter. Only he's not, because Specter represents Pennsylvania in the Senate and Vitter is an incumbent Republican Senator from Louisiana. On top of that, most observers don't think that Democrats in Louisiana (one of the few states that is still trending Republican) are likely to find anyone to give a very serious challenge to Vitter next year. But if I were a conservative who was mad as heck at Arlen Specter I would read that ad and assume that the money actually would go to elect a conservative instead of Arlen Specter, not go to re-elect a conservative who is already sitting on a seat that is likely as safe as any in the Senate next year.

So what we have here is a conservative Republican, who is so sly he won't even say what state he is from, taking advantage of other conservative Republicans to raise money, money that will presumably then be unavailable for other conservative Republicans who are running in races where they probably need the money more than Vitter does (including Pat Toomey, a conservative Republican who actually is running in Pennsylvania against Arlen Specter.)

What will be funny is to find out if any conservatives actually fall for this little trick.

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