Friday, May 01, 2009

Is the next item on Glenn Beck's agenda a pogrom?

In case you don't know who Glenn Beck is (he's FOX News' latest talking clonehead) maybe what he said this morning will remind you of the kind of ignoramus that passes for an intellectual on the right.

After bashing the federal government for being 'too intrusive' he said, "Let my town decide if we want to be a 'Christian town' or not without the federal government telling us we can't make that decision ourselves."

Let's stop and remember though. At the time of the founding of our country there were many towns in Europe that proudly did proclaim themselves a 'Christian town.'

That proclaimation usually came shortly before they burned all the Jews' houses and ran the survivors out of town.


sandyh said...

Apparently the 1st Amendment is only for Christians?

Or whom these "true believers" consider to be Christians...not necessarily Catholics, Mormons, gays, those who don't attend church regularly, and those who don't agree with them on all sorts of things that don't even have anything to do with religion like guns rights?

It's really all about bigotry not religion or politics. The Far Right is angry that they have to be politically correct concerning their traditional sexist and racial prejudices, so in response they are going radical on the offense with religious claims.

Jesus often pointed out that there was no need to put on a show of your only had to act in a way that proved it in your everyday life and make a personal commitment with the Lord.

It must be hard being a practicing Jew, Hindu, or Muslim in the present political climate in this country. The Far Right is desperate for scapegoats as they are currently are being denied their favorite target of hate...blacks and "uppity" women.

That energy has to be channeled elsewhere into protesting things like paying taxes or defending/advocating others like waterboarding.

It's like they are challenging the very life and words of Jesus...and making a case not to follow his lead.

How screwed up can some people get when they are consumed with hate, greed, and fear?

Eli Blake said...


I actually think it is a relatively small (but very vocal) minority of Christians who choose to impose their values on the rest of us.

shrimplate said...

Out Constitution doesn't matter to the likes of Beck. But it's still there, and it's not going away.