Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now is the time the President's supporters need to step up

Much has been made about the President's stepping up and taking on Sen. Jim DeMint who pretty much came out and said that the plan is to delay, then defeat the Obama health care proposal so that it could become Obama's 'Waterloo.'

The President was exactly right to shine a spotlight on DeMint's remark since it makes it very, very crystal clear that the focus of Republicans in Washington is not to reform anything but to defeat the President, pure and simple.

And considering that we have a for-profit health system in which sick people and their very lives are treated as a commodity and bought and sold like stocks and bonds, and in which those who are uninsured and can't pay are sent to the back of the line and often receive worse health care than in many third world countries, there needs to be some serious reform.

But here is my question: WHY DID THE PRESIDENT HAVE TO CALL OUT SENATOR DEMINT PERSONALLY? Where the HECK are his supporters?

Sure, he could have sent Joe Biden out, as the traditional job of the Vice President is to get his hands dirty taking on the opposition. However sending out the Gaffe-prone Biden, who was chosen mainly because he is qualified to be President (imagine that) if something should befall Mr. Obama, would be taking a big risk in itself. So not finding any other supporters willing to call out Senator DeMint, the President decided he had to do it. And he did it very effectively, no question about that. But it makes one wonder why he had to do it at all. Come on, Democrats-- quit standing on the sidelines. This will only get done if everyone, especially elected office holders, get behind reform.

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IMI said...

Simple. Half of the Dems subscribe to the same policy as DeMint - Blue Dogs. It's people v. Congress.