Monday, July 13, 2009

Bills the lege wasted their time and your nickel on

Maybe the legislature didn't get a budget done that could pass muster, but it's nice to know that as the time crunch came, they were working hard on these kinds of bills:

Authorized seven new special license plates, including one for fans of the Arizona Cardinals (HB 2222; signed by Jan Brewer.)

Legalized sparklers and small fireworks in Arizona. There is a minimum age of sixteen to buy fireworks but no minimum age for their use, so I'm sure that people living in areas with a high fire risk will be thrilled to know that their neighbor's sixteen year old can now buy fireworks and give them to the five year olds to go keep themselves entertained (HB 2258.) AND, just to put the double whammy on this one they also passed SB 1421, which limits the amount by which local districts (including fire districts) can raise their levy to cover new expenses (oh, like let's see-- maybe the cost of putting out a bunch of new fire calls caused by children playing with fireworks.) The Governor has not yet signed or vetoed either HB 2258 or SB 1421 but what I hear is that she will probably sign them. I bet the few cents you might save on your fire district tax won't cover the amount your homeowners insurance will increase by.

Prevented cities, counties and other jurisdictions from removing political campaign signs along roads or otherwise in public right of ways (SB 1022 following a strike-all amendment.) Nice to know they're looking out for themselves. No word on whether the Governor will sign this one or not.

Religion in the schools. Allows students to use religion as a basis for their classwork, for example they can submit an essay saying that the earth is 6000 years old and receive full credit if they claim it is based on a religious viewpoint. Schools also can't ban students from wearing clothing with a religious symbol or message. (HB 2357; I'm taking bets on how long it takes before this backfires on conservatives and they get irrational when female Islamic students actually take advantage of this bill and start wearing a head scarf or a burqa to school.)

Recognizing July 25 as the national day of the cowboy (SR 1003).

Well, you can always cry in your beer. They did double the production limit for microbreweries (HB 2301; signed by jan..... brewer.)


Indy Voter said...

I could cry in my beer ... in my home. Brewer signed a bill allowing people to carry firearms into bars and restaurants. Seriously dangerous.

I had a front row seat for a bar fight a few weeks ago. Thankfully neither combatant brought any weapons in, and more thankfully neither was skilled at nonweapon combat so nobody needed medical attention afterwards. But still, it was pretty scary watching two guys go from sane to psycho in about a quarter second. Add a gun to that? No thanks.

Eli Blake said...

Hey, it makes more sense than the 'drive up liquor windows' they used to have in NM (I think they finally got rid of them) where someone would drive up in a vehicle with the engine running and no one else in a car and buy a bottle of booze.

Anonymous said...

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