Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The price of decades of Republican rule in the legislature

After decades of the legislature being under the control of the same party, we've reached the point where taxes were cut to the point where they just allowed every institution in the state to operate on a shoestring budget even in the best of times.

But during a recession like we are in now, tax revenues are down and demands are up, and there is no way they can raise taxes (thanks to the law they pushed though via ballot initiative some years ago that requires are supermajority in both houses to pass a tax increase.) In other words they ran the car into the ditch and then disabled the control mechanism.

So, ironically we've now reached the point where a Republican governor is trying to put a measure on the ballot asking voters to approve a one cent temporary sales tax increase, and even the state Republican Party is backing the tax hike.

I may have to hold my nose and vote for it, but in so doing I believe it is critically important that we point out why it has come to this-- irresponsible and reckless huge and irreversible tax cuts from the party that has run the legislature for at least thirty years.


carrot top said...

Well, if we survive this, nobody can claim they don't know what Republicans are about.

They are about cutting their kids' schools and firing teachers-- the long, short and simple of it.

So anyone should go into the next election with a full knowlege of what the GOP is for.

Eli Blake said...

carrot top,

That's for darn sure.

As a PARENT I'm unhappy about this.