Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bush unifies the world, America-- against him.

Six years ago, nearly everyone in the world was united in support of the U.S. and President Bush. Six years ago he had 90% approval.

Today most people in the world are united again. And so are most of the American people. In opposition to the same President and his ruinous war in Iraq.

The only real claim that comes close to the elusive 'victory' they can point to after six months of the surge is that Sunni sheikhs in Anbar province have kicked out al-Qaeda. But that was already starting to happen before the surge, and the political reconciliation that was supposed to happen, has not happened.

Meanwhile, American deaths and maimed continue to pile up, and the cost of the war is rapidly approaching half a trillion dollars. I hope that when the Bush tax cuts are set to expire in 2010 that Democrats have the fortitude to respond to righties who claim it will be a 'tax increase' by simply saying, "all that the previous administration spent on Iraq was borrowed, and now it's time to pay the bill for it."

That line would even find a lot of supporters for returning to the Clinton tax rates.

See, isn't Bush a miracle worker? Everything he touches turns to garbage-- and it's something you can count on.


x4mr said...

Well said.

Everything King Midas touched turns to gold

Everything W touches is disaster, failure, corruption, fraud, and bloodshed.

Cheney prevents his impeachment.

shrimplate said...

Bush isn't done yet.

He's an untreated alcoholic, and since alcoholism is a progressive disease, he will worsen even if his actual drinking has been tamed.

He will escalate.

And he's itching to use nuclear weapons.

Eli Blake said...


Maybe I was too nice in saying 'garbage.'

Bush has the 'midas touch,' all right. everything he touches turns to sh*t.


I know. Why couldn't he just be like Clinton, and chase skirts to satisfy his addictive personality?

Anonymous said...

The good news:


Four hundred and ninety-five days is a long time, but not that long.