Wednesday, July 11, 2007

State Chair resigns

State Chair David Waid sent a letter to all of us who are members of the state committee announcing his resignation as Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Waid, who was just elected to another term as Chair, said that he is resigning to spend more time on his consulting business and with his family.

Some of Waid's opponents were concerned that he might do this back when he ran against Randy Camacho for Chair. However, he was re-elected anyway by an overwhelming margin because of what he did last year. And what did he do? Oh, only helped lead the party to overwhelming victory last year, as not only were the Governor and Attorney General easily re-elected, but Arizona became one of only three states west of the Mississippi where Democrats picked up multiple congressional seats. And he made sure that the 'blue wave' didn't stop there, s Democrats picked up one seat in the state Senate and six state house seats (including beating Cheryl Chase, a former Democrat who picked the wrong year to switch parties.)

He will be missed.

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