Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ann Kirkpatrick resigns to run for Congress.

Ann Kirkpatrick, who represents district 2 in the Arizona legislature has resigned from her seat in order to run for Congress against Rick Renzi, who is being investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department for corruption.

I had been supporting Allen Affeldt, a progressive friend of mine who is also the mayor of Winslow early in the campaign but Allen decided not to run. Even then though I felt that Kirkpatrick would be a very formidable candidate. Since Allen is not running I am glad that she is, not only because she can win but because she has spent much of her life working to make life better for people. And that is something I can support and work for enthusiastically.

There are several other candidates in the race including reporter Mary Kim Titla, attorney Howard Shankar and likely former congressional nominee and Al Gore campaign manager Steve Owens but I believe that Kirkpatrick is the candidate most in tune with the majority of rural voters throughout the district.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Kirkpatrick used to be a lawyer too before she ran for the legislature.

How is that an issue for Shanker but not for her?

Eli Blake said...


First of all, I don't have a problem in general with lawyers. Shanker has done a good job representing the Navajos in their fight with Snow Bowl. But I referred to him as an attorney because that is what he is now. In contrast, Kirkpatrick has been serving in a legislative body already so she has the work experience he has plus legislative experience.

Besides, I've been a member of the Lowell observatory for several years now (though I'm due to renew again) and was therefore aware some time ago of Kirkpatrick's work on behalf of the observatory. But she has done a lot of other community service as well.