Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rush needs to apologize (again).

Today, Rush Limbaugh suggested that Democrats should elect outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox as majority whip in order to

"appeal to the 10% of the Hispanics and Mexicans who live in this country." He went on..."Don't call them illegal immigrants, call them 'nonvoting Democrats.'"

This is a very racist and bigotted statement. To begin with Hispanic residents (which he differentiated from 'Mexicans' in his statement) can be from a wide range of backgrounds but if they are American Hispanics then they all live here. Many of them have ancestors who were here before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock (like some of my neighbors when I lived in New Mexico.)

Further this statement implies that the only Hispanics and Mexicans here are illegal immigrants. That is false and a viscious lie that propagates a mistaken stereotype.

It may have been an off-the-cuff remark but clearly it shows that Rush considers 'Hispanics and Mexicans' to be less deserving of being called an 'American' than other people.

I found that statement to be offensive, and I'm not even Hispanic.

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shrimplate said...

Limbaugh is offensive. He is irresponsible in his personal life and shows abolutely no empathy for others in his public life.

He is the epitome of an enemy combatant.